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Roped and used

I have a fantasy where my partner forces me to get changed into lingerie, marches me downstairs and ... lets see;

She stands me near the front door, I have no clue what's going. She ties my feet together with our bondage rope, then makes me kneel down and ties my legs to my feet, I can't stand or move now. For good measure she ties my hands behind my back and ties that rope to my feet as well. Well, I'm boned, clearly going no-where for a while. She vanished for a minute and comes back with makeup.

She finishes by adding lipstick, as she does this the doorbell chimes. "This is for you." she says cryptically. She's flushed, excited and clearly really turned on. She opens the door and lets a huge guy in, the very definition of a bear. He nods to her, she nods back. I've never seen the guy before and yet here I am, dressed as a woman and tied up in front of him. I'm instantly mortified and so turned on.

He steps up in front of me, undoes his jeans and lets them drop, he's wearing no underwear. He wanks himself hard then pushes his cock hard into my throat. He stands there fucking my mouth, grunting increasing as he gets himself off using me. His grunts get loud and I realise it's time, I hope he pulls out and wish he doesn't at the same time. Two jets of come coat my mouth then he pulls out and sprays over my face.

He wipes his cock on my chin and pulls up his jeans. He nods to my partner, turns and leaves. As the door closes my girl walks around in front of me, she's only wearing a t-shirt now, her dripping cunt had been on display for the guy. "Enjoy that?" She asks with a smile. "You better had, you're in for a busy night." She kisses me and licks the come from my chin as the doorbell sounds again.
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great fantasy idea

Really liked it.

August 2009

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